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Welcome To Lucrum Gaudium

Lucrum Gaudium is a 10 man guild for people with a rather laid back attitude to the game, but still wanting to raid. Our goal is to be able to raid a couple of times a week with some decent progression despite this. We do appreciate that you put effort into your character and gameplay, as we believe this gives a better feeling of the instances aswell as teamplay.

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Majordomo Staghelm

Aylísh, Aug 22, 11 1:55 AM.
Things are certainly stabilizing for us, finally, and this week Majodomo Staghelm fell to the floor. We also got in a few attempts on Ragnaros, and got him down to 55% for now. Kerilon is taking over the legendary, and Cloy has returned with a mainchange. No more legendary fragments for this silly resto druid!

WTB decent killshot...!

Back in buisness!

Aylísh, Aug 8, 11 2:12 AM.
July hit us hard, with a lot of people quitting the game or simply going on holiday. Raids were cancelled and if we did get to go, we had to work out alternative solutions like alts, socials and offspecs. It didn't work out so well, but we did get to kill Beth'tilac, Shannox and Rhyolith a few more times. Collecting legendary fragments are also delayed, with no casters attending raids anymore, many of the embers have gone to a healer instead. It's a bit funny. Sad, but funny.

The good news is that we are looking at the future with a positive attitude, and think we'll get back on our feet very soon. This was confirmed by yesterday killing Baleroc and Alysrazor, aswell as getting some good attempts on Majordomo Staghelm. However, we are still a healer short, and are in dire need of a new recruit, preferably a priest. We are also possibly recruiting a caster, unless those we had decide to log on when summer is over! Yes, you heard me Cloy and River! Meanwhile we are running with other alternatives, and with that I'd like to thank another old LG'er that stepped in as backup on his alt mage for Alysrazor and Staghelm yesterday :).

Beth'tilac and Shannox dead :-)

Aylísh, Jun 30, 11 6:33 PM.
Firelands is here, and LG was there! Bethi'tilac and Shannox fell to the floor, and here's a screenshot of us with the corpse of Beth'tilac! Sunday, another two (atleast!) will be on the menu!

Defenders of a Shattered World

Aylísh, May 29, 11 6:18 PM.
After a bit of slack with P3 survivability we finally finished off the T11 content by also getting Al'akir! Great job guys and we've finally become Defenders of a Shattered World!

Nefarian down!

Aylísh, May 17, 11 5:22 PM.
After about 36 freaking wipes total since early april(if not more) this dragon finally fell to the ground by the awesomeness of LG :-) This brings us one step closer to clearing the T11 content before the Firelands and or next focus will be on Al'akir. AWESOME job guys and great fun! :D

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